Narcissa Captured
Professional Model Of All Genres

Narcissa Captured

Professional Model Of All Genres


About Me

A good friend once said to me, "When you set yourself to do something, you do it until you get to the marrow."

I thought about my friend's description and realized the truth. I can not pursue any endeavors without the determination and focus to get to the innermost meaning, or the depth in complexity. Photography is what I set out to do. I do it until I get to the marrow.

Here is a small representation of my physical explorations, intellectual adventures, and emotional insight in an art form that allows me to connect with photographers, the images, and the viewers. We take this journey together.

New Projects & Event

Video Production of the music video "Marmalade Cat: Milly Mix" by Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Projekt Records.

Appearing in booklet for 10 Neurotics, the latest CD released by Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Cover image for European CD

Previous music video

Print Inquires

Please contact me via email for information regarding any of the images here and their print status. Doesn't hurt your wallet to ask!
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